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When it comes to Jorge and Victor Arreloa their drive and business aspirations have taken them far and away from Patzcuaro – a village west of Mexico City – and onto the Cape, where they opened El Mariachi Loco, a Mexican restaurant located on Main Street in Hyannis. After working at several Cape restaurants since 2001.  Jorge, who has an easy manner and casual swagger, handles the front of the house, easily interacting with each customer. Victor, who is painfully shy and soft-spoken, navigates the kitchen, plating authentic Mexican food like tamales, tostadas, tacos, enchiladas, salsa and guacamole. While the brothers have polar-opposite personalities, Jorge said their differences have made their business what it is. “I felt secure opening a restaurant with my brother because I have known him my whole life and I trust him. We have been on many journeys together and this is just another one that we have begun,” Jorge said. “Victor has been working 14 years in the kitchen and he decided he wanted to cook his own authentic, fresh food that he learned how to make from our mother. I know how well he cooks, so I backed him up and we went into this 50/50. No one cooks homemade Mexican food like my brother.” The restaurant will open four days a week off-season and Jorge and Victor hope to eventually grow into a larger space and create jobs for others. For Jorge, he said the goal is to “build this business for future generations.” “All we have here is each other and Victor’s wife and children - they are my support system and I am theirs.” Victor, who is humble about his talent in the kitchen, agreed and said the restaurant – which was named after “El Mariachi Loco,” a popular Mexican dance song – runs on their family roots and their dedication to each other. “We work from the same heart,” he said. “There is nothing closer than the heart.”



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